Saturday 3 December 2011

Tea, just like Jane.

Strand Shop Christmas

Having a nice cup of tea in Twinings on The Strand.

Between Saturday the 5th March 1814 and Tuesday the 8th March 1814, Jane Austen was worrying about tea.

She was staying at her brother Henry's house at number 10 Henrietta Street next to Covent Garden.

Writing to Cassandra she says,

" I am sorry to hear that there has been a rise in tea. I do not mean to pay Twining till later in the day, when we may order a fresh supply."

From number 10 Henrietta Street turn right out of the front door , walk along the southern perimeter of Covent Garden Market towards Drury Lane. Turn right down the slightly sloping hill with Drury Lane Theatre on your left and the pub, Nell of Old Drury, an old 18th century prostitutes den, on your right and carry on until you reach The Strand. Cross the road and and turn left along The Strand for about 600 yards until you are almost opposite the Law Courts. You will be at the entrance to Twinings shop, number 216. This is the original shop that Thomas Twining opened in The Strand in 1706. By the time Jane Austen was making her way through the streets of London to the premises on The Strand it was well established.
(Here is a link to an article I wrote about Tea in jane Austen's time. A Cup Of Tea With Austen )

There are more than one reason for taking this journey. First to follow in Jane's footsteps but also to be able to drink and buy tea . There are over 100 Twinings blends to choose from. All Twinings shops have a tasting service. At the back of the shop on The Strand is a tea bar, kettles and percolators , cups and saucers and samples of the Twinings tea range. It's FREE! A rest from the hustle and bustle of London traffic and crowded pavements and a nice refreshing cup of tea to recharge your batteries is a wonderful way to pause and contemplate your London visit so far. You can make the tea yourself or you can ask one of the assistants to help. The assistants in the shop are knowledgeable about all the Twinings blends. They can also give you a lesson in ,"brewing up a nice pot."

So next time you are in London enjoy a cup of tea at Twinings.

Here is a link to tea at Twinings.


  1. Reminds me of many, perhaps too many, convivial hours when I should have been in the Library; the back door used to go directly into the Temple ...

  2. Just looked on Google Street maps Michael. I hadn't realised that Twining's backed onto the Inns of Court. So I take it you have retired from all that now? Did your qualifications transfer to the States?

  3. Tony, how could you not TELL me you just posted about Twinings?! I love Twinings! I'm their biggest customer in the entire United States. I buy the tins of loose leaf Earl Grey and English Breakfast. Will definitely visit them in The Strand if I can ever make it to London again.

  4. Love this! I'm planning a trip to London in a few months and I'll have to check in at Twinings.

  5. If my plans come off, I will be drinking tea at Twinings in the spring.