Friday 16 December 2011


The village of of Selborne seen from Selborne Hangar.
Hampshire countryside.
James Austen's grave at Steventon Church.
Steventon crossroads.
Cottage at Steventon.
Steventon Church where Jane Austen was baptised.

Today, the 16th December, is the anniversary of the birth of Jane Austen, at Steventon Rectory, in Hampshire. On the day Jane was born,about fifteen miles away from Steventon, , and about five miles from Chawton, in the village of Selborne, the naturalist Gilbert White wrote, "Trees begin to be naked."

(A link to an article about the death of Jane Austen.)


  1. Dear Tony,

    thank you for this stroll through Steventon in Jane's birthday!

    I will take one of yours pictures, just one, to send my readers to your London Calling.

    I have not drink yet my old Constantia...

    best wishes, raquel

  2. Tony, I know this is shocking, but I forgot! Thanks for reminding me! Love your photos. Am going to tweet a link to this post.

  3. Happy Birthday, Jane. Thanks for the images, Tony.

  4. Happy Christmas to you all.Thanks for your comments.

    Jean, you MUST write Jane's birthday on your calendar next year!!!!

    By the way,if any of you need somebody to show you all of the Jane Austen sites in Hampshire I'm up for it!!!!!!