Thursday 2 December 2010

We have snow in the South 2.12.10


Recently Britain has been affected by heavy snow in the North of England and Scotland. Now it's hit the South, with a vengeance.

The weather forecast for the whole country shows a white out.

Here are some pictures from this morning.

A cosy corner in our garden where we sit out and drink wine on a Summers evening.
Taking Abi to school this morning we went via our local train station. Here are commuters listening to announcements about cancelled trains. On the Southern Region network, about fifty years ago, they designed a system which uses a third rail. This rail carriers the electrical power line. The trains pick up the power through pads that contact the third rail. Of course in extreme weather conditions like heavy ice and snow the third rail does not work efficiently. Other parts of the country, The Northern Region, use overhead cables. These tend to work better in adverse conditions. And again, other areas use diesel powered trains, which keep going the longest. Deep snow drifts on the tracks are the only thing that stop diesel trains.

My road, outside my house, at 6.30am this morning. I went outside to clear the snow off the car.Our house in the snow. 6.30am!!!!!!!
Our back garden.

Looking down our road in one direction.The weather forecast on the telly this morning. The whole of Britain is looking decidedly,WHITE!!!!!!

Our road and some poor bloke walking to work down the middle of the road.
Abi on the way to school.
Abi feeding the guinea pigs before she goes to school. The guinea pigs are very comfortable outside. They have plenty of straw, wood chippings and after Abi has finished, fresh food and water.


  1. Hello Tony! I've been watching the news about the weather in Europe, for me, I can only try really hard to imagine how cold it is as I live in a tropical country, the pictures are very interesting!
    Take care!
    All the best for you and your family!
    Patricia Rossi

  2. Oh, Tony. It's too early for snow. Still, your pix are lovely, as is Abi.

  3. Reminds me of when I lived in Maryland. We had one snow storm after another, and ended up the winter of '95-96 with a blizzard. The kids loved it until they had to go to school for an extra week in June b/c of snow days.