Friday, 17 December 2010

The Snow is back!!!!!

As you can see it snowed here yesterday. We had some heavy snow in the South of England a couple of weeks ago but then it thawed and life got back to normal. The temperature rose a couple of degrees and we got back to our normal dark, slightly cold, dampish, English winter. Over the last couple of days the temperature has dropped to freezing and below again and yesterday afternoon the snow came back.

When I arrived home, Sam, my eldest, had decided to leave his mark.

I was asked to do some supply teaching yesterday at Thames Ditton Junior School. It's a lovely school I have done some work in before. During the afternoon the snow started to fall, quite heavily, for a short time. When it was time to go home we had a winter wonderland again.
This is Thames Ditton Station. I had to wait twenty minutes for a train BRRRRRRRRR!!!!

The train was lovely and hot though.
Somebody, like me, must have got bored waiting for a train. They should have had a camera with them. I always find aerosol cans too bulky to carry around.


  1. It looks like our two countries are experiencing the same blast from the artic. Hunker down, Tony, and enjoy your time inside! I am NOT going anywhere this weekend. Vic

  2. Brrrr! On the other hand, I am doing yard work, including killing weeds in my short sleeves. But I am not having fun at your expense, b/c when I lived on the East Coast in 1994, we had 14 ice storms! The kids were skating in their socks on our lawn. We also had a blizzard in 1996. My husband was living in sunny CA at the time, and so I got to shovel all that snow!

  3. Wow! You really do get a proper white Christmas nowadays. I'm nervous, though, as my brother is meant to be visiting me, but flights from Heathrow have stopped due to snow. :(

  4. Ha! Tony, welcome to MY world! [Vermont USA]

    and sending wishes for a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!