Monday 11 January 2010

For all you Janeites

Jane's writing table in the dining room at Chawton.
The graves of Jane's mother and sister, both named Cassandra.
The cottage at Chawton.
Jane's bedroom that she shared with her sister, Cassandra.
A view from Box Hill in Surrey.
Box Hill seen from Denbies wine estate near Dorking in Surrey.
I am very lucky being a fan of Jane Austen. I was born and brought up in Southampton where Jane lived for two years after her father died.I now live in Wimbledon, South London, within a short drive and in some cases a walk from most of the places Jane writes about in her surviving letters.
I live in Jane country.

Here are a few local pictures for all Jane fans.

In Emma , Emma Woodhouse, organises a trip to Box Hill in Surrey. The scene on Box Hill is a pivotal moment in the novel. Here is the scene that, "happy," party would have looked out over.

Jane Lived for the last few years of her life at Chawton in Hampshire. She lived with her mother and sister, Cassandra, in a cottage owned by her brother, Edward, who also owned the big house in Chawton. Here are a few pictures of Jane's cottage including her bedroom and the small table she wrote and edited some of her great novels on.


  1. Box Hill is another place I was planning to visit, but ran short of time. I'm sure it makes a lovely day trip from London. Nice to see the views over Box Hill in this.

  2. Tony, I got the idea this morning to go back to the beginning of your blog and see what I've missed. Why didn't I think of it sooner? Love these photos.