Friday 28 March 2014


I saw something amazing today.
I was invited to teach at a school near Woking this morning. It was in a year six class. They worked very hard with great enthusiasm.
Break time came. The school has a small playground. The gardens of adjacent houses border each side. At one end of the playground there are climbing frames, a climbing wall and scrambling nets. Many of the children worked off their energy grappling with these constructions. There is a small area for football with a set of, five aside, goal posts. Because of the size of the  area, the proximity of the houses and the nearness of the climbing frames the children are not allowed to use footballs to play football. Many children would get hit by flying balls and the balls would invariably end up in the neighbours gardens. However, they are allowed to play football with one tennis ball.

I was astounded. The speed of the game and the individual skills of the boys and girls, stunned me. They controlled long passes at speed with the outside of their feet. They shot first time with pinpoint accuracy. Their running on the ball was as smooth as a panther chasing its prey. High balls thrown out by the goalkeepers were controlled on the chest, on to a knee and brought to their feet with one deft action. Dribbling, side stepping, step overs,(with a tiny ball!!!!????), Cruyff turns and drag backs,  were achieved with heads up  and eyes looking for space and all the time the children were in perpetual motion.
I have played football myself and coached school football teams for many years. I have never seen such effortless skills as these!!!!!!!!!

(This might make you laugh. They all wore their school uniforms including collars and ties!!!!ha! ha)


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