Friday 18 May 2012


On Monday, Marilyn my wife, and I were in Twinings on The Strand and just happened to be having a cup of tea with Mary Simonsen, her husband Paul and daughter Kate.
Kate and Paul in Twinings supping a nice cuppa!!!!!!
 Kate, that is Earl Grey isn't it? 
Sorry, perhaps I am being a little presumptious in revealing your tea tastes, Kate. Sorry!

Paul, Kate and Mary outside of Twinings.

Here is a link to TWININGS website. A good cup of tea sets you up for the day, aaaagh!!!!!!

And here is the latest TWININGS advert with Lizzie, an American singer featured.

Also have a look at a post I wrote called, A cup of tea with Jane Austen.


  1. Have a great day you too, Tony!

    What a coincidence! Next Sunday I'll buy some Twinings.

  2. No Raquel, It wasn't a coincidence. We actually arranged to meet in London and have a day together. It is just my English humour suggesting that we met accidently!!!!!!!

    Great to hear from you Raquel.Have a great day.

  3. Hi Tony. I do fancy a cuppa. I think you and Twinings and tea are inextricably entwined in my mind. Kate is at work, but I'll have her pop in for a visit when she gets home.

    P.S. I do like the commercial.

  4. You're cheeky! Actually it was Spiced Apple lol. But Earl Grey and English Breakfast tea are my top choices, sorry lol. I even got myself a little hot pot so i have tea in the boudoir ha ha. I had a great time in England and enjoyed your and Marilyn's company. I hope we will be great friends for a long time. Nice commercial by the way, its a rendition of a Fleetwood Mac song. I hope to hear from you again. Kate

  5. Tony, I must visit Twinings one day. I'm their single greatest customer in the entire US! I buy tins of loose leaf Earl Grey and English Breakfast and go through them at a prodigious rate! Love that door -- have always wanted a door with pediment and pilasters. And what a sweet advert.

  6. Jean we must get everybody we know together and go for morning tea at Twinings, followed later, perhaps, by afternoon tea and cakes at Fortnum and Mason, waited on by doormen in top hats and tails. What do you think, Jean?

    And some other suggestions.
    Now if we were in Bath it would have to be The Pump Room.

  7. Aah, yes ... I'm in! Let's hit several places! I don't need lunch or dinner, just breakfast and afternoon tea.

  8. I also buy loose-leaf Twinings tea in my local supermarket in southern Ontario. My favourites are English Breakfast, Earl Grey and - the ultimate - Darjeeling. I'll be buying at least half-a-dozen packets when I'm back in Blighty in July!