Sunday 2 October 2011

The end of Summer in the garden.

In the Indian Summer of these October days,I noticed today that the seed pods at the top of our wild irises, in the pond, have curled open to reveal hundreds of brown polished seeds, shining like little brown jewels. 
Random pieces of slate create dark  shadows and lines of light  around our pond.A leaf, sharply outlined on a stone that is beginning to form green algae patches on it's surface that might eventually lead to moss or a form of lichen.
Dry, grey soil with delicate root tracery going across it's surface, delving through it and forming a sort of net like structure.

Cloured plastic pegs on our washing line with a hydrangea in front of it. The colours are beginning to drain out of the hydrangea blooms making pale pastel reds and pinks with some browns appearing.Calm contemplation amongst shadows, stones, leaves, grass and a rosemary bush.


  1. Beautiful series of photographs, Tony. You have such an eye.

  2. Hi Vic. Thanks. I think gardens have a certain beauty about them in the Autumn. Not that my garden is particularly beautiful but it has it's moments!!!!!!!