Wednesday 16 March 2011

Hey!!! you Americans are becoming English.

You really MUST stop watching films about Jane Austen.

Can't be doing you any good.

The next thing, you will all be buying silver encased dance cards. When you want to dance, or chat to somebody of the opposite sex, you will have to sign their card and wait in turn. God forbid if you renege on your appointment.

All the best,


  1. Becoming English? Many of us were English to begin with........well,our ancestors and heritage anyway.

  2. Tony, I love reading a good satire, and this one hits the mark! Thanks for a great laugh. Vic

  3. Aahh, Tony, would that it were true! How I long for a return to a gentler world, but can the the squeezed-out toothpaste be put back into the tube?!

  4. Tony, I wish the gentler world, as Jena said, could return here in Brazil too! :)