Friday 1 October 2010

This is London Calling!!!!!!!!!!!! PLAY THEM LOUD

A modern London Bus.
Charles Dicken's, Old Curiosity Shop.
A back alleyway
It was London Fashion Week last month.
We still use telephone boxes, sort of.
The great symbol of powerful women. She would rip your guts out at the drop an unsheathed sword.
Lawrence Olivier
Old London Bus. Tour hire or party hire???????????
View from Waterloo Bridge
Life Guard at Horse Guards Parade
Graffitti on The South Bank

Just enjoy THE KINKS


  1. Are all the double decker buses gone now? Great pics.

  2. I do find it sad that the dome of St. Paul's cathedral is being overshadowed by the modern buildings.

  3. Hi Mary. I've added a picture of a modern London Bus. The old ones are not in service but you can hire them for various events.

    Vic, tall buildings are not allowed within a certain distance of St Pauls. It looks as though they are close.There at least two other tall buildings being built at the moment. One in the city to complement the Gherkin and the National Westminster Bank building and another on the South Bank called, The Shard.There is a great website all about The Shard.(

    It will represent a broken piece of glass and will reflect the sun like a mirror. That won't happen too often . When does it shine in London? To be honest we get quite a few sunny days in the Summer. It will be the tallest building in Europe at 310 meters tall (1017feet).

  4. I love that statue in the fourth picture.

  5. I just enjoyed the Kinks! Reminded me that one of the biggest regrets of my life is that I didn't get to see London in the 60's.