Wednesday, 22 September 2010

This is London

Looking South.


Marilyn and Emily

Charing Cross Station and Hungerford Railway bridge.
Looking North East and the National Theatre in the foreground.
The Eye and County Hall
Beneath The Eye
Looking East. "You can wait all day for a bus and then six come at once."
That's an old joke. Transport in London is excellent.Bus stops these days have electronic screens that keep you up to date with where the buses are and how much longer you have to wait.
The tube and trains are very good too.
If you come to London get yourself a travel card at any rail station. It will cost about £6. You can use it all day up to midnight and travel on buses, tubes and trains around London. It's a great system.

One of the four engines driving the wheel
Looking North West
Looking West
Looking North East
Looking North
Looking East. The building under construction is called The Shard. It's meant to, eventually, resemble a massive broken shard of glass.
Inside the capsule
Getting on board

On Saturday I took my first flight on, The London Eye.
I've not been on, The Eye, before, although my wife, Marilyn, and all my children have, on various occasions.
I decided to take a flight this time because I didn't have to pay anything. I know that sounds mean but it does cost £11 an adult. The very long queues have also put me off.

One of my daughters, Emily, has a Saturday job at Chessington World of Adventures, a sort of cut price, Disneyland, a few miles from where I live in Surrey. The company, Merlin, that own Chessington, also own, The Eye. Emily was able to get herself, Marilyn and me, a flight for free with her staff card.
If I'd known what it was going to be like I would certainly have paid my £11 and queued up long before now.It is well worth the price. It was amazing.

Here are some pictures of LONDON!!!!!!!!

A few basic facts about London. It is 2000 years old.It is approximately 26 miles across North to South and approximately 26 miles across East to West. It is changing, adapting, developing and growing all the time. It is like a massive living organism.The population is anything from seven million up to twelve million, depending what and where you decide to start counting.London is made up of towns, villages, cities,countryside, parks and rivers. All life and all creativity goes on here. It is totally AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Love this post. Marilyn and Emily look great in that image, Tony, and what a splendid day you were having!

    I am struck by how much London's skyline has changed over the past few decades! Vic

  2. Tony,

    nice to meet your girls, Marilyn and Emily!

    Raquel (Jane Austen em Português)

    PS: I have a bottle of Old Constantia, I mean, Vin de Constance! Happy, happy!

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