Saturday 24 July 2010

Dr Who at The Albert Hall

The Summer Proms at The Albert Hall are with us again. They are sponsored by the BBC and the BBC records the lot, for radio and much for TV. The BBC is a National Treasure. I honestly don't know how the rest of you do without one.

In recent years, I think from 2008 the PROMS have devoted one evening to Dr Who music.

Two years ago Nigel Kennedy performed his version of the Dr Who opening title music on his electric violin.
Nigel Kennedy, if you don't know, is one of the leading violinists in the world today, a protege of Yehudi Menuin and a Sheffield United supporter. He also plays brilliant jazz and versions of Jimmy Hendrix classics on his violin.

If you met him in the street you might think he was a skin head, yob or hooligan. He's supposed to be quite nice really. Here he is in all his glory, playing the Dr Who theme tune outside The Albert Hall two years ago.

Tonight it is this years Dr Who themed concert at The Albert Hall with Matt Smith and other Dr Who actors presiding over events.

You will be able to access the concert throught the BBC i-player.

All the best and enjoy(If you are a Dr Who fan).



  1. If Nigel Kennedy knew that you referred to him as a Sheffield United supporter, he would undoubtedly sue you ! That's if he didn't simply punch you in the mouth instead ! Clue: his team's colours are claret and blue !


  2. Elsie, I was just testing you.( How do I get out of this one?)

    Even though he was born in Brighton, puts on a cockney accent; he supports, Aston Villa.

    You are right.I'm wrong.

    All the best,