Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Some Recent Pictures Of Kingston upon Thames

In many ways we are very lucky living in South London. Being close to the centre of the metropolis and having all that that offers is just one benefit.

London is made up of towns, villages and boroughs all joined together to make the greater metropolitan area that is called Greater London.

In The London Borough of Merton, where we live, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping. We have the centre of Wimbledon close by. Four miles in a westerly direction we have Kingston upon Thames. South of us, three miles away, we have Sutton and Croydon towns.Usually we use Wimbledon Town centre but often we go to Kingston upon Thames and occasionally shop in the other centres, just for variety.

We did some shopping in Kingston upon Thames just before Christmas.

Here are some pictures.

The High Street looking east.
The high street looking west.

The coffee shop in the John Lewis store.
This is the Bentall Centre. I took this on my mobile phone. The security here don't like you using cameras around the shops.

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  1. Very nice. Even though it's cold, I like the idea of walking around outside, esp. during the holidays.