Monday, 23 July 2012


There are four days left until the Olympics start in London.Over the last few weeks the Olympic flame has been carried around the United Kingdom. Everybody in these isles lives within a few miles of where  the Olympic flame has been carried. There are 8000 Olympic torch bearers. The 8000 holes in the perforated stem of the Olympic torch represent every one of the torch bearers.
The Olympic Flame arrives at  Wimbledon tennis Courts.

With four days to go until the Olympic flame is transferred to  the Olympic Stadium in Stratford in the East End of London it  is getting close to it's destination.Today it reached the London Borough of Merton where I live.  It  was scheduled to visit  Wimbledon Tennis Courts this afternoon where Andy Murray and Venus Williams were waiting to take it in turns to  carry it a short distance. Marilyn, Alice, Emily  and myself stood outside the gates to  Wimbledon  Tennis Courts to see the Olympic flame  arrive. Crowds gathered and built up  in the roads and streets around the tennis stadium. Police and the Royal Marines were out in force.
The Police and the Royal Marines provide security.

 Police helicopters buzzed overhead. A large blue bus arrived first with cheerleaders dancing on the top  deck  encouraging the cowds to sing along.Grey tracksuit clad security guards jogged into  view and then  there was the torch bearer  in his white track suit with the flame held aloft. An exciting moment.Everybody cheered and clapped. The atmosphere  was exciting Most of the torch bearers have been chosen and nominated by people in their respective communities for  the good works they do for their communities.  They are people of inspiration.
Crowds gather on the pavement outside of Wimbledon Tennis Courts.

I was in London yesterday with Marilyn and my brother and sister in-law. We  took a trip up and down The Thames on The Thames Clipper.  The party atmosphere is really building in the streets of London. It is a very exciting place to be.

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  1. The Police and the Royal Marines provide security for... a bloke with a stick on fire.
    Vintage Monty Python sketch?
    No. UK in 2012. You've all gone mad...