Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bloody Politics And The World of The Gutter

Good old Dave!!!!!!!!!!

Bloody Politics  And The World of The Gutter

Here in Britain for months and really years now; no, let me start again,  for ever, if the truth be honestly admitted to, we have been a nation full of angst for our situation and various predicaments. We are a nation that has always been in turmoil.

Our present anguished view of our politicians and our country just seems to be at a rather high level of neurosis, and navel gazing at this moment in time.

Let me describe the situation to you. We have had the collapse of our banks and financial structures. Austerity measures are biting. They are biting hard enough to be killing off some of the things we have grown to accept  such as final salary pensions, affordable mortgages and a good return on invested money through the banks. We still have a health service which provides us with what we need, but for how much longer? We have an education system, which is now struggling to give us a world beating education. The BBC has even had its cuts for goodness sake and our local libraries are fighting to stay open. At least our bins are being emptied regularly and the holes in the road are being filled, even if the process takes a little longer than it used to. Billions are being cut from services of all kind in various rounds of cuts. Every month brings new cuts and austerity measures. Cutting is necessary when we are trying to pay off debts but cuts destroy and can damage many things irrecoverably. We need growth and innovation and investment in the right places. That is absolutely vital to our recovery and health as a nation. Now I am not stupid enough to realise that we are not as bad as some and in some ways we can be thankful. Compared to some countries we are pretty Hunky Dori. However we have a large proportion of a generation of youngsters who are going to know nothing but unemployment, probably for the rest of their lives because they are not getting the work experience they need to develop and become confident and talented workers. The cost of living is rising while wages are stagnant. People are cutting down on holidays, not buying that new car, and shopping for own brand foods. There is a healthy future for us but how long that will take to achieve is far from sure.

But it is another cause of angst that is really worrying me at the moment possibly even more than the above depressing set of worries. The Leveson Inquiry is unearthing a culture of moral ambiguities day by day in it’s exploration of phone hacking and Rupert Murdochs News International organisation. 

 Lord Justice Leveson, listening to evidence against News International at his inquiry.

It is gradually being revealed to us how close our politicians sail to the edge of what is legal.and it appears that many , most, maybe all of them, cross that line. Even our esteemed ( I use that word sarcastically) Prime Minister, David Cameron. He loved to invite Rebekah Brooks the Managing Director of News International in Britain to 10 Downing Street for drinks and parties. He socialised with her regularly. David Cameron's own personal advisor, Andy Coulson, had been one of Murdoch's rising stars no less. The fact that Tony Blair is the godfather to one of Rupert Murdoch's grandchildren, well, lets not go there. That sycophantic low life makes me squirm just thinking about him.

Apart from the phone hacking debacle and the destruction of peoples lives , ha! ha! I thought I would just throw that jolly comment in to add to the poisonous mix, Downing Street wants to apply for privileges in the Leveson inquiry. That means when Rebekah Brooks finally takes the stand at the Leveson inquiry next week, if Downing Street gets  core participant status it will be able to ask for a blackout of embarrassing material about The Prime Minister. Well, that points to the fact that there must be embarrassing evidence to  emerge relating to The Prime Minister. Where the f… is open  and honest government in all that? Jeeez!! The mere thought that The Prime Minister and the government are feeling embarrassed and want to protect themselves, even now, makes me so angry. If Cameron has been a fool he should go. Damn him.

There is this feeling now that politicians make up their minds as to what they want before any fair and legal process takes place. I think this government were going to give Rupert Murdoch a majority share in BSKYB before any inquiry into the fairness of that situation. They wanted Murdoch to back them in the next general election and they were prepared to give him the world to gain that. Bloody greed!!!!They manoeuvre, tell half truths, bend the truth, interpret words, phrases and statements  even though the rest of us thought what was written and said meant something different. The whole thing comes down to semantics, twisting of words and meanings to suit, the government. Free and open discussion and dialogue only happens superficially it seems. This is corruption surely? So blatantly, clearly and in full view of us all they want core participant status at the Leveson inquiry at this last moment. I would cry if I wasn’t laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a politics where people try to get away with as much as they can and then leave it up to lawyers to sort out the fine details of whether they are allowed to do it. Where is good honest morality in all this? In fact what is moral? I’m morally confused now. What is right and wrong? I don’t think I know anymore. Morality is based on a fine interpretation of the law and by applying different emphasise lawyers can make immorality moral and morality immoral. What a world we live in, well, in Britain anyway.

 How is it for you??

PS Oh by the way this week, Jay Rockefeller( Ah! I see you also have an aristocracy. and they run  your country too.) , the chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, has written to Lord Justice Leveson asking him if he has found any evidence relating to questionable practices in the US.

Ha! Ha! I bet you lot can't wait for the murky depths that are going to be plumbed on your side of the Atlantc. In the inimitable words of Sergeant Phil Esterhaus in Hill Street Blues. "Hey! lets be careful out there!!"

PPS AND talking about semantics.Tony Blair got us into Iraq on a promise to George Bush that we would invade Irag with the US. He then had to get it approved legally and officially in Britain. So it went through all the supposedly fair and legal processes but at every step it was decided on an interpretation of the law. Semantics, twisting meanings!!!

Can you tell I'm beginning to feel angry. I think I'll just leave off this post now. I might think of something else to write!!!!!!!


  1. Nicely put!
    And it bloody keeps raining too...

  2. What, is it raining in Spain too? I thought, "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain!"
    Thanks for your comment David.

  3. A week later. The embarrassment is piling up for the Government!!!!!!!!!!!

    In a free society nobody should get away cronyism. Their are laws about it in the stock markets and people have gone to prison. But then can you trust anybody in any of our countries? When you look carefully at the politicians we have it makes me cringe to think one of them will inevitably get into power.

    The most honest politicians on both side of the Atlantic in recent memory have been Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Carter. I absolutely hated Margaret Thatcher for her policies. Her personality was tough too. I've got nothing against toughness when it's tied up with total honesty.For all the things that detract from her, she was fundamentally honest and straight. I got that feeling from Jimmy Carter too, maybe not the toughness, but the total honesty part.The rest have been crap!!!!!!