Sunday, 30 October 2011

Stratford upon Avon

William Shakespeare attended the Grammar School in Stratford..

Thomas Nash's house and the garden where Shakespeare's house, New Place, was situated.

Some Tudor buildings, now The Shakespeare Hotel.

The side of the  Grammar School that Shakespeare attended.

Harvard House. The founder of Harvard University was born here

A gentleman I came across walking the streets of Stratford

A pub in Stratford. NO!!!! it is not falling over

This garden is on the site of Shakespeare's house, New Place, that he bought after giving up the life of a playwright and returning to Stratford. He died here in 1616.

Stratford High Street

 Thomas Nash, who owned this house, was the husband of Shakespeare's granddaughter.

A church next to New Place

Some terraced houses in Stratford.

William Shakespeare near The Royal Shakespeare Company theatre.

Prince Hal!!!!!!!

A jester. Shakespeare wrote great humour within the greatest of dramas, King Lear, Henry V, Midsummer Nights Dream.

Shakespeare's birthplace.


  1. Gee, Tony! I want to give you a list of all of the places we toured while visiting your beautiful country, so you can photograph them! This is the second time that you have done a better job, than I! {That I know of.} The first was Chawton cottage . . . when I first discovered your blog! I think I took pictures of "things", but you photograph the "Big Picture"! And I really want to thank you for that! I'm going to link from my facebook page . . . I hope you don't mind? Thank you for sharing your wonderful shots! You shot our hotel, the pubs where we dined . . . just everything! Thank you, Thank you!
    {aka Debbi Thinks Deep}

  2. Hi Debbi. Where would you like to go next????? (I'll do my best.)

    Regards to you and your husband,

  3. Tony, I visited Stratford-Upon-Avon with a tour group to see Shakespeare's birthplace, not realizing that these other beautiful existed. The tour never bothered to stop at these sites. Oh, how much I missed! Thanks for showing me these buildings.

  4. Several years ago, I, too visited the very impressive and beautiful Stratford -Upon-Avon without taking as many stunning photos as you. I rambled through the town & Hathaway's Cottage-the benefit of non-tour groups. I'm appalled now to think there is such a following that are out to disprove Shakespeare as the author of his fine works.