Thursday, 11 August 2011

FAMILY! Is this the answer?

Here is a picture of an 18th century family. Normally you expect a picture displaying family life from this era to be rather ,"starchy," and formal ,but not this one.

The eldest daughter is staring at her father, willing him to make a wrong move on the draughts board. The youngest sister rests against her older sister's arm wanting to be in on the action. The mother sits with a relaxed, contented baby on her lap looking on lovingly. The baby is being loved and included.

This is what a stable loving family life looks like in any generation. They will argue and fight, of course they will, but they will forget and forgive and what is very evident from this picture they give each other time, love and include everybody in their activities.

Love, being included, giving each other time, forgiving, these are all the traits missing from many of todays fractured families. This picture is what family life should be all about.

Nobody in this picture will go out and loot and steal and burn their neighbourhood.

You might say, but this is idealistic and I would be the first to admit that my own family is quite a way from the family portrayed above. The pressures of life and this world are immense. However the picture enables us to observe what would be good to aim for. It makes us aware of what is good.


  1. I think this is why so many of us look longingly at times past - today's world is so complicated, and often, downright scary! My heart goes out to all Londoners, and I hope and trust that when things calm down, a lesson will have been learned. Naive, perhaps, but still, something to be fervently wished.


  2. Oh, Tony, what a beautiful description. Thanks. Vic

  3. Well said, Tony! I love that you pointed out a way of life that people can aim for! So much of what we read and view today for entertainment claims to be realistic. I think society would benefit from something more idealistic.