Sunday, 24 October 2010

You've never seen the The Prince Wales like this!!!!!

Mordern tube station. The bottom of the Northern Line.
Cherry Pie Music, South Wimbledon.
Old milestone. Ten miles to Whitehall (and St Paul's Cathedral.)
"Georgie Porgy"
Young's beer is lovely. I have a pint once in a while!!!!!!!!!!
Such a nice day today I went out for a run around South Wimbledon. I always take a small digital camera with in case I see anything i would like to snap.

I came across The Prince of Wales. You've never seen him like this before. Would Jane have warmed to him more if she knew he was a pub?????

By the way, Youngs, is a great South London beer. It used to to be brewed in Wandsworth but they have moved their brewing premises out of London to a brand new modern complex.
Beer had been brewed on the site in Wandsworth since 1581.

Also a local, old milestone. It is a Georgian mile stone. The main road through the London Borough of Merton would have been the main coaching road to Portsmouth and Chichester. Originally it began as the great Roman road, Stane Street, that lead from the Roman, London Bridge, to the south coast.

The small local South London recording studio, Cherry Pie Music. Maybe, just maybe, the next great singer or band might come from here. You never know.

The tube station at Mordern, is the southern most station on the Northern Line. You can only go north from here.