Monday, 29 October 2012

The Faces (BBC live sessions 1972)

This will take you back to a time when Rod  Stewart was good..

The Faces with Ronnie Lane were really the best.

I know drum solos can be boring , are a thing of the seventies, but this one is good, bloody good.

There is not a bad thing about this  track.
This is MY era, MY TIME.and this track  transports  me..

I hope you can enjoy it as much  as me.


  1. We saw them perform this last year when they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (in Cleveland, OH). Even Ron Wood was there (Rod Stewart was not, however). Thanks for sharing this. I forgot how good this song was, and how I loved it when it came on the radio, back then.

  2. Not my generation, so no comment, hehe!

    On another note, I was wondering... you have been giving tours around London to show people the areas related to Jane Austen, right? I did a tour of Jane Austen when I was in London:
    This included some places mentioned in Sense and Sensibility, but I was left wondering where the places mentioned in Pride and Prejudice were. Gracechurch Street, Cheapside, and so on... would love to see pictures and read about those, if you have visited those places or ever get round to going there with your camera!

    1. Good to hear from you Anna.

      I must admit I do not have many photographs of Jane sites in London. I have the usual, Hennrietta Street and Hans Place.
      Here is a link to a JASNA site that might help. I promise that when I take photographs of these places I will send them on to you.

      I have just remembered, there is a site called Geograph, which has photographs covering every OS grid reference for the British Isles. You may be able to find photographs of the Pride and Prejudice sites there.

      All the best, Tony

    2. Thanks for the links, Tony. Will have a look! Definitely on my plan for the next visit... tho that will take some time! Not sure my toddler will be up to such long walks...