Monday, 25 October 2010

Jane, a Viewpoint from South London

Vic has a lot to answer for. Vic posted a lovely video clip, walking her dog Cody beside the James River. The clip also shows the beautiful countryside around her home.

I thought, I must record something. A short clip explaining one of the ideas I have about our Jane.

That's a Hampshire accent by the way. A mild one.

Jane's brothers might have sounded like this.



  1. Tony, what a lovely idea! It IS interesting to hear a blogger's actual voice. Perhaps I will do it one day, though I am quite technically challenged.

  2. PS I LOVE the stairs photo! Another clever idea! You are clearly an artist.

  3. Tony,

    lovely, lovely to real hear of you! Jane accent? I must tell it my Jane...

  4. Tony, how nice to hear your voice, and I liked your appreciation of Jane Austen summed up so well in just a few sentences.

  5. Tony, You showed me the way! Just focus the camcorder on one object (no quick edits) and talk away! Luv your accent. Wait until you hear my broad nasal Yankee notes. Just drink some lovely red wine! Hah!

  6. I meant to say,just drink some wine FIRST!

  7. What a heartfelt post! I enjoyed hearing what you sound like, and I hope that one day I will meet the man behind the voice!

  8. Tony,
    Thanks for the video, by the way, I started to hear The kinks after that post with Waterloo Sunset, great band!
    All the best for you!
    Take care!
    Patricia Rossi (Brazil)